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Once you have enrolled, along with your login details, you will also be sent a link to our Student User Guide detailed how to use our online e-learning management system.  Distance Colleges strongly recommends to all our student’s that you view this guide before commencing your course.

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Distance Colleges does not offer traineeships or apprenticeships, as such there is no need for an vocational placement agreement.
All practicals for Distance Collegess courses, are done as a volunteer work experience basis with no commitment or agreement to be formal made from any party.

Students will be required to log their hours within a registered work envirnoment in the form of a logbook, time sheet or other data retentive resource. Distance Colleges has Logbooks templates if required. Logbooks can be requested at anytime by a learner from their trainer or head office in writing or downloaded HERE [email protected]

The terms ‘vocational placement’ and ‘work experience’ are not interchangeable and each has a specific meaning. Some of the distinguishing characteristics of each arrangement are summarised in the bullet form below:

Vocational placement

• hands on work in a real work environment that is directly relevant to a student’s course
• the skills and knowledge the student will gain during the placement are assessable as part of the course
• unpaid for ‘short’ placements and paid for ‘long’ placements
• application must be made to the Chief Executive for recognition of the scheme
• must have an associated training plan according to which the placement person must provide training
• governed by the Vocational Education, Training and Employment Act 2000

Work experience

• formal arrangement where students participate in activities in a workplace that may or may not be related to a VET program
• shadowing/sampling/research
• structured work placement where part of a VET in schools program
• unpaid and a maximum of 30 days per year
• must be in writing and approved by the principal of the student’s educational establishment
• governed by the Education (Work Experience) Act 1996 and is administered by Education Queensland.

At this point it should be noted that all our courses are that of Work experience not Vocational Placements.

We have a sample logbook that can be used for all courses if you require a document to record your practical hours.

Please click HERE to download.

All work experience, volunteer experience, and practicals are at the students own arrangement method. Distance Colleges does not advocate gaining placements for students.

Distance Colleges is not a Registered Training Organisation, Distance Colleges is a business developed to allow students access to access to multiple Registered Training Organisations and short course providers across Australia in order to help reduce cost, time and pathways for students.

With over 4500 Registered Training Organisations within the industry, it can be tough for students to know which company to choose. This is where Distance Colleges can help. Our strategic wholesaler arrangements, allows us to work closely with many companies that have a broad range of qualifications and offer direct entry into their programs.

Distance colleges use our wholesaler arrangement to purchases courses in bulk, this allows us to be competitive on price and offer alternative pathways and options to students.

In some cases the course via Distance Colleges can be cheaper that the RTO’s Direct! Part of the benefit of studying with Distance Colleges, is that if you choose to study through us, not only do we have a wide range of courses, but we can ensure that your training is consistently done on the One Learning System. Regardless of the qualifications you pick or choose.

Registered Training Organisation’s (RTO’s) are authorised to deliver Nationally Recognised Training. RTO’s can range from companies, industry and professional associations, to schools, TAFE and colleges. While RTO’s are diverse, ranging from large companies to smaller organisations, they all meet nationally recognised standards of quality, and deliver nationally recognised training. These standards are set out and organisations are audited to ensure quality, by the National Vocational Regulator (NVR) and The Australia Qualifications Framework (AQF).
Only RTO’s can deliver, assess and issue qualifications and statements of attainment which are nationally recognised, within the Australian Qualifications Framework . All RTO’s are listed on a national database of authorised organisations, known as Training.gov.au, allowing potential clients to view an RTO’s services. Distance Colleges does not need to be a RTO as what we do is wholesale the courses for a RTO’s and they deliver and issue the qualifications.
The RTO’s that we current work with for our Nationally Recognised Training are as follows:

  • Distance Colleges Australia 31486

Feel free to check their registrations on training.gov.au and make contact to confirm our working relationship.

Distance Colleges are adding more and more RTO’s to it’s network as such the list of qualifications available are as follows:

•Certificate III in Fitness
•Certificate IV in Fitness
•Diploma of Fitness
•Certificate IV in Massage
•Diploma of Remedial Massage
•Diploma of Counselling
•Diploma of Human Resources
•Diploma of Business Admin

Qualifications are issued by RTO 31846 Distance Colleges Australia.
Note: All course information on the websites will clearly identify which RTO you will be studying with if you have any questions feel free to contact our support team.

Classroom learning is where all material, assessment’s etc are delivered face-to-face in a classroom setting. The course is run by a Training Consultant, acting as a facilitator.

Online distance learning is a way of studying a course by distance education. With online learning, all course materials are online, assessments are submitted online for marking, and communication between student’s and trainers is done online. Also, it’s self-paced, meaning you work at your own pace. If you’ve got access to a PC with an internet connection, you’re ready to go.

Enrolling in one of Distance Colleges courses by online distance learning, means you can study at a pace that suits you. You can gain a qualification or certificate in one year or less. Your study schedule and timeframes are in your hands! Enrolment is available all year round, so you decide when to start the course.

Many of our courses have no pre-requisites, making them accessible to everyone, regardless of professional background, industry experience etc. However some course may have pre-requisites and experience that is recommended. Student’s who do not have the recommended experience, should discuss the course suitability with one of our Training Consultant

Yes, Distance Colleges offers courses to anyone; however students from overseas are not eligible for any government funding, or use any of the courses, as a means of applying for a visa. Overseas students would be classified as a fee for service student. Student’s who require government funding or a visa, should locate another provider that is CRICOS approved.

Distance Colleges offers a wide range of courses that have been selected carefully, to help you develop your careers. It’s important to us that the course(s) you select benefit you and your chosen career. Contact us to enquire more about the courses that you’re interested in. Distance Colleges will provide you with expert training advice, and help you through the enrolment process

No, our online courses are offered via distance learning, so enrolment is available all year round – you decide when to start your course, however once you purchase a course from a voucher you will have 4 weeks to enrol into the course.

Yes of course we can! As a wholesaler for multiple RTO’s it is our job to know the product and know it well, We can help you select the right course to suit your career goals and aspirations. Contact us to speak to a Training Consultant for expert training advice and details.

The RTO’s we wholesaler for all recognise the skills and knowledge that you have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences e.g. someone already working within the similar role, and referee testimonials from an employer. If you are granted Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) in a unit of competency, you do not have to re-study it. Contact us enquire further.

RPL works by a Senior Trainer mapping evidence and prior units that the student provides to the units of a particular course, to determine if there is a direct fit. If there is a direct fit, the student will be given credit for that unit, hence not have to re-complete it.

For more information please visit question 46.

No, you can only apply for direct credit, by completing a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) kit. If direct credit is not given, you will be required to complete that particular unit.

All our courses are current and updated every 6 months, in consultation with stakeholders and industry experts, to ensure we meet the appropriate standards as per the National Vocational Regulator and Vocational Education Training (VET).

Here are the necessary steps to purchasing one or more of our courses using a voucher:

1. After purchasing your voucher, The supplier of the Voucher will send you a Voucher Number and or a Barcode number. You will require this number in order to proceed further;
2. Students are to register their purchased voucher, by clicking on the link provided within voucher, or by going on our website www.distancecolleges.com.au, then clicking on the VOUCHER button in the menu bar;
3. Enter the Voucher Number and or Barcode Number, under the Voucher number or Barcode section. Complete as directed, ensuring that you complete the Cartoon Character as well, to show they are human. Then press submit. Under the submit button, a message should then come up saying successful. Then go straight to your email, and an email will be sent to your inbox, auto generated;
5. When you receive the email, you need to click on the link. Enter the password and it will open up with instructions;
6. Please kindly read the instructions carefully;
7.RPL kit’s need to be completed applied for prior to accessing the units and you must attached, requiring all the necessary documents, certificates, evidence, referee testimonials etc. Then upload everything with your claim.
8. The course is online self-paced by distance learning, by correspondence. It should be completed within 12 months or less.
9. Extensions with online courses can be granted for a fee in most cases. Please call to speak to Administration and this can be organised for you.

You will receive the following:

• Online units to your course;
• Online trainer support via online messages;
• Unique e-learning online system centre;
• Issue of your qualification, once completed;
• 1 free RPL application at the beginning prior to enrolment and commencement of your course;
• Please note: Additional RPL consultations after this, will incur a fee of $144.

Yes, When you purchase a Nationally Recognised Course your qualification will be identical to that of a qualification received in classroom learning.

To help you achieve your goals, expert online training and support is available. If you’re experiencing difficulties, you can contact your trainer for assistance. When you enrol, details are supplied enabling you to access the online training e-learning system. Contact Distance Colleges for a full rundown of online student support available for your course.

All of the Assessors and Trainer’s are fully qualified, with industry experience in all areas, as well as endorsed training from their issuing RTO in regards to training students in Vocational Education Training (VET).

When you receive  your login details, you will also have access to the Student User Guide, which details how to use the online training e-learning system. If you have forgotten or lost your login details please click on login on the menu bar of the website.

We have a sample logbook that can be used for all courses if you require a document to record your practical hours.

Please click HERE to download.